Isn't it quiet!

By Geoffrey Paul
December 29, 2010

There are few phone calls that matter. Almost no Spam e-mails. If you doin’t look out of the window, it’s great. There’s even time to read the stuff you would not bother with, like dear Julie Burchill in Prospect magazine. Having told the JC she has given up her column and announced that shul no longer has any appeal for her, she tells this improving journal that her New Year resolution is “Reach a reading age of 12 in Hebrew - so far, it’s five.” Why bother? The real fun was in an e-mail from a cruising brother deep into the penguins, whales and icebergs of Antarctica. His cruise ship was joined by a Lubavitch couple along the way in south America who, apart from all the other necessary supplies, brought their electric cholent pot with them. But, alas, alack and gevalt, the chief steward ruled it too serious a fire hazard to allow them to keep it puttering away in their cabin over Friday night into shabbat lunch time. Imagine, cold cholent……in the Antarctic! Next week, all will be back to normal, sadly….



Sun, 01/02/2011 - 14:07

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Lubavitch story is funny & cute.

Don't understand comment about JB? Couldn't she reasonably be described as a philosemite?

I'm sad that she's given up her column & shul.

Before you jump all over me, I'm a proselyte & this is my first post & I haven't read your previous spiels. So you could give me a break, or not. .


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