Is David Lammy an idiot?

By Stephen Pollard
January 26, 2011

As a season ticket holder at the greatest team the world has ever seen (that's Spurs, of course) I've followed the moves over the Olympic stadium with some horror. I can see the advantages, but we are a North London team. That's our club's DNA.  (And the last thing I want to do is schlep to Stratford when we play.)  

But the behaviour of David Lammy, the local MP, is hilarious. He seems to have missed Campaigning 101 when he was at college, because all he does is throw insults at Daniel Levy, rather than build a case and seek to persuade.

But I'm not sure if this press release from Mr Lammy, which has just popped into my inbox, can be beaten for sheer crass idiocy. Here it is in full:

“Levy thinks Spurs are too posh for
David Lammy responds to Daniel Levy’s latest comments that
Spurs will leave Haringey regardless of the Olympic Stadium

In response to the comments made by Tottenham Hotspur Chairman
Daniel Levy that the club plan to leave N17 even if their bid for the Olympic
Stadium fails, David Lammy (MP for Tottenham) said:

“I find it shocking that Daniel
Levy is trying to hold North London to ransom by saying ‘give me the Olympic
Stadium, or else’. He has clearly decided that the club is too posh for
Tottenham. That is a disgrace.
“Daniel Levy is treating Spurs
fans, Tottenham residents and London taxpayers with contempt. All of us deserve
more respect than this.
“Spurs were granted permission to
redevelop White Hart Lane just three months ago. Daniel Levy didn’t complain in
October that staying in Tottenham was unviable. What has changed in the last
three months? If Tottenham was good enough in October, why isn’t it good enough
“If Daniel Levy wants to discuss
White Hart Lane with me, he only has to pick up the phone. Releasing glib
statements to the media is no way to treat the fans of a magnificent club and
the residents of a great city. We deserve better than this.”

You have to wonder about the self-awareness of someone who issues a press release attributing the behaviour of Daniel Levy to his being "too posh for Tottenham", and in the same release condemns the Spurs chairman for "releasing glib
statements to the media".




Joe Millis

Thu, 01/27/2011 - 18:45

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Good point. The best piece about it I've read, and I've stopped shlepping to Spurs coz it's more than a Tottenham Hutzpah to charge £60 for a ticket, is in today's Guardian (sorry, guv), by John Crace


Thu, 01/27/2011 - 20:11

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Frankly, Stephen, why should we give a flying either way? This is utterly parochial North London stuff. And most people are bored senseless with footie.
It seems that most journalists believe not only that civilisation stops at the M25, but that all Jews live in North London.


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