Is the Crocs craze finally fading?

By Candice Krieger
August 29, 2008

What has the British and Israel summer had in common this year? It certainly hasn't been the weather.

The answer in fact, could be lying at your feet.

Crocs. Yes, those hideously unflattering plastic clogs-cum-sandals-cum-flippers that have been stomping all over the streets.

Crocs have been one of this summer's fashion must-haves for both Brits and Israelis. But could the Crocs craze finally be fading?

Crocs sales have plummeted over the past few months. Its profit for the second quarter slumped to $2.1 million, compared to a profit of $48.5 million for the same period last year, according to Forbes. The company has reportedly laid off 75 people in the US, or about 4 per cent of its US work force.

This doesn't surprise me.

Aside from the credit-crunch and general state of the retail market, surely Crocs are one of the ugliest types of shoes around? "But they are so comfortable," says my work colleague. Yes, and so are my pyjamas but you won't see me wearing them on the Tube.

I understand that Crocs, with their bright colours and unique design, are an expression of individuality. They are also cute for kids. But I just don't see the appeal.

When it comes to a mutual appreciation of something by our two nations, let us focus on some less garish commonalities for the winter: coffee houses, interior design, technology and hummus?

And if you are starting to think about kicking the Crocs habit, do not feel too bad. Apparently, they are recyclable.




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