Imperial College student 'trapped' within Gaza

By Simon Friend
October 17, 2008

Emblazoned on the front cover of this week's issue of Felix, the Imperial College London student newspaper, is the story of Zohair Abu Shaban, an electrical-engineering graduate from Gaza University who is, apparently, unable to accept his place at Imperial College for a masters degree owing to being "trapped" within Gaza by an Israeli border patrol.

The piece chronicles Zohair's failed attempt at crossing both the Erez and Rafah borders of Gaza.
Additionally it claims that "there are an estimated 600 students in Gaza who have been accepted into foreign universities, not taking into account promising students who have been deterred from even applying".

The article quotes a spokesman from the Israeli Foreign Ministry as saying: "Gaza has become a hostile entity ruled by Hamas, a group that have essentially declared war."

The Imperial College Jewish Society president Yoni Weiner said: "The Islamic Society wanted to launch a student-union campaign to let Zohair across, but we, and UJS, felt that the best course of action would be to let the university run the campaign".

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