I'm not able to stand for President, either

By Stephen Pollard
August 6, 2009

Yes, you too can have your own Kenyan birth certificate. (See my earlier post.)

UPDATE: A correspondent points out that this shows I was not born, as has been suggested, out of wedlock. 


William Sholto

Tue, 08/11/2009 - 12:56

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Intriguing to learn that the Editor's Mum was called "Ayn Rand" and even odder that his father was Joe Chamberlain, the Liberal politician born in 1836. That means he produced offspring at the age of 128 - I'd be happy, in fact amazed, to do as much ! But then Joe Chamberlain, who was Mayor of Birmingham, did make a fortune from screws (the zinc-plated variety) in the 19th century and befriended the Zionist cause. He was also a "floor-crosser" in Parliament, who was so angered by Irish terrorism that he formed a party called the Liberal Unionists, who always voted with the Tories. He was referred to in "The Importance of Being Ernest" by Wilde.
Even odder is the fact that among Chamberlain's young admirers was one Leopold Greenberg, another Brummie, who was Editor of the organ of Anglo Jewry.. Having become an honorary Tory, JC was rewarded by Lord Salisbury with the portfolio of Secretary of State for the Colonies.
So when the Sultan of Turkey had rejected the idea of making Palestine a Jewish national home for the third time in 1902, Herzl in despair approached the Chronicle's Editor. and asked if he could help. Greenberg put him in touch with the minister, warning him (see Zionist archives) that he couldn't expect to get Palestine from the Brits, as it was the Sultan's dominion and part of Turkey. Greenberg went to El Arish and surveyed the arid area (today known as Sinai) for Herzl (not the JC!) But there was no water, so there was little prospect for farming, he reported to the Zionist Congress. Another Zionist setback ! But Chamberlain went on to offer the Zionists "Uganda" (today Kenya) which was fertile, British and needed settlement. He thereby split the entire Zionist movement and in 1904 "King Herzl" died "of a broken heart", they said at the time..
Was the present Editor aware of all these links between Chamberlain and the JC when he claimed the former was his Dad, I wonder ? Or did he just feel affinity with someone whose initials were, after all, J.C. ? Another oddity, one of the Chamberlain clan was a notorious anti-semite named Walter Houston Chamberlain, who wrote a book that was read by, wait for it, Hitler, who hadn't read many books in his life. Joe's son Neville Chamberlain, was the originator of the British policy known later as "appeasement" which was a disaster for this country in the 1930s. So Pollard was right and Chamberlains have always had some sort of connection with Jews. .


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