If ever my Shul were cool

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
October 25, 2009

It was just another 'ordinary' social evening at our Shul (never quite ordinary, raucous seems more appropriate!) a 60's rock 'n' roll evening with homegrown house band, the whole set of Hairspray in attendance (ok, my congregants and friends but they were deadringers), fab food complete with cheese & pineapple hedgehogs and babychams. Yet there I was sat next to Boy George and his protege, Coby Koehl chatting about stuff I would later find out Jonathan Ross had talked abotu the night before on telly. Yet Jonathan Ross didn't talk about how Boy George ended up at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St Johns Wood for Yom Kippur! I wonder who we will attract for the next Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue social evening!?


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