I love my big broods

By Alex Kasriel
February 3, 2009

According to the Government's 'green guru', Jonathan Porritt, having more than two children is irresponsible.

He and his chums at the Government's Sustainable Development Commission say that large families negatively impact on the environment and don't help to curb the burgeoning population. Instead he is promoting contraception and abortion.

Pah! Mr Porritt, whose two daughters I'm sure are as lovely as pie, is missing out on all the fun of a large brood.

Aside from the fact that this notion is preposterous - the earth can sustain a large population if the industries that serve it are responsible - it is a very inhuman, uncompassionate view.

If people want more children or believe they are put on earth to populate it in a big way - like our own ultra orthodox community - they should be encouraged. Remember all the fun that the Larkin family had in The Darling Buds of May? That was a proper family.

I myself am one of four children and I love being part of a big, boisterous clan. When I was growing up, if I had an argument with one of my siblings, I could always go and play with another. And if I have a birthday party I know at least three people will turn up. They have to. Having siblings is like having a ready made set of loyal friends. They will fiercely support you in public even if behind closed doors they will pin you to the ground and tickle you till it hurts.

Without lots of other siblings vying for the attention of their parents, a child is in danger of becoming spoilt. And he might become a touch materialistic. And we all know consumerism is more of a threat to the environment than the sharing, caring nature of a big family.










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I'll lay wager that Porritt has at least one Love Child in addition to his two he is declaring.

It's a short step for those who preach abortion to those who preach eugenics.

Liberalism is a Mental Illness


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