Hugo Chavez and Oliver 'diplomat' Stone

By Jennifer Lipman
January 5, 2011

If you were a rabble-rousing left-winger, who would you want serving as an ambassador in your country? Why, someone exactly like you, of course.

Hugo Chavez seems to take that view, anyway. He’s none too happy with President Obama’s choice of US ambassador to Venezuela, and has come up with a few suggestions of his own.

Speaking on TV yesterday, Chavez said: "I hope they name Oliver Stone.”

A sound choice really. After all, Stone only placed second in a list of the top-ten antisemitic slurs of 2010 for saying that the Holocaust was still discussed because of “Jewish domination of the media”.

If he’d been in first place he couldn’t possibly be ambassador. But second? Meh.

Chavez went on to pick anti-American academic Noam Chomsky, actor Sean Penn and former President Bill Clinton (Jewish son-in-law. It would never work) as his top choices.

Safe to say none of Chavez’s list will get the job. Still, just another example into the peculiar world of Venezuelan politics.


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