How was your shabbat?

By Geoffrey Paul
November 28, 2010

Another rocket fell in the Negev yesterday. No one killed so not worth more than a line or two in some of the Israeli press and none at all, of course, in the UK media. Not worth it with all that’s going on in the world. It’s different at the receiving end. A close relative who has children in one of the few kibbutzim which still remain in southern Israel e-mailed me after a similar rocketing incident last weekend. I quote his words without comment. There are things I would like to say to mollify him. I haven’t thought of any yet

“A Qassam rocket fell just outside [kibbutz name withheld] last night. Nobody was physically hurt but at least 250,000 NIS of peppers and their hot-houses were destroyed, another few children and adults will need psychological care and world media will not even mention it, indeed it only achieved four lines on page 4 of the Jerusalem Post. While we were there last Shabbat, the crump of incoming  mortars and rockets disturbed our sleep but the world media can only cry about the 'poor Palestinians" imprisoned for no apparent reason and kept starving behind "apartheid"  walls by cruel, heartless Israelis. We can shout as loud as we like that we left Gaza years ago, that even Egypt maintains a closed border to the area, that before separation walls were built, we were not safe in buses, cafes, shopping malls (now thronged with Arabs who shop freely there though we cannot even venture into their areas) - and our words just dissolve in the air, unheard by those who prefer to hate us. Just like the 1930s, most of the world is indifferent to the Jewish angle.”


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