How not to influence friends

By Anonymous
January 7, 2010

How long will Israel suffer the diplomatic equivalent of a bull in a china shop that is its Foreign Minister Yvet Lieberman? Not only does his Yisrael Beiteinu party want to introduce laws against minorities that in most democracies would be considered fascist and make the BNP seem tame, he has now put his foot in it regarding the Balkans.
Bosnia's Foreign Minister has had to phone his Israeli counterpart to protest against suggestions that Bosnia is a potential breeding ground for terrorists.
Sven Alkalaj said in a statement Thursday that such claims hurt Bosnia's international reputation.
Lieberman said on Tuesday he has information that the Balkan region is "the next destination" for al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups to set up operations and pointed to areas populated by Bosnians and Albanians.
Alkalaj said the Bosnian intelligence service and international organizations say there are no terrorist training camps and no terrorist cells in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He asked Lieberman to share any credible information.
Everywhere that Lieberman has gone, a trail of destruction of Israel follows. Brazil was once friendly towards Israel, now after a visit last year, it has become pro-Hamas.


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