Helenas in Caesarea old port - March 2007

By Trevor Fox
October 26, 2008

We ate at Helenas in Caesarea on Thursday night. I had called them earlier in the day to make a reservation ( which was unnecessary as it turned out as the place was half empty ), the girl had asked for my name and phone number and on arrival there was no record of the reservation. I had also made a reservation at Decks in Tiberias for Tuesday night but called to cancel and they had no record of a reservation. Is this fairly typical in Israel ? Otherwise what's the point of making a table reservation ?

We could have sat outside but as it was not that warm an evening we sat inside. We had some sort of eggplant starter and a cured anchovy. I don't know which doctor had cured it but it was quite salty. Then on to the barramundi in a tomato sauce and siniya of red mullet. I got the impression that there wasn't much fish beneath the siniya, certainly less fish than the last time we ate there. My wife liked the spinach with coriander. The side dish was basmati rice. The staff were busy multi-tasking and we were attended by all 3 waiting staff during the evening. Who was the skinhead chef in fatigues who came up to ask us if everything was OK ? I think he was the head chef as he wore a chef's jacket but he seemed to spend much of the evening leaning on the bar looking at the diners.

We had mint tea to finish off. Service was good. I though it was better the first time we went and I thought we had more fish. But everything seems better first time around. Good value for money.

Being inside the museum area in the old Port you have to pay an entrance fee. However this is reimbursed by the restaurant if you eat there.

See http://www.2eat.co.il/eng/helena/

phone 04 610 1018


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