Heed the Bicom warning

By Geoffrey Paul
January 15, 2009

It is scarcely believable that Bicom, one of the community's premier agencies in making the case for Israel, was subjected to ten minutes of mayhem by a gang of pro-Palestinian supporters. who virtually wrecked its office. Doesn't Bicom have any kind of security which would enable them to isolate someone claiming to have a parcel for delivery? This sort of caller should surely be a cause for suspicion in any communal office at a time like this. But that a gang of people could pile in behind him, including one armed with a loud-hailer (not the easiest implement to hide), shows a shocking lack of security planning. The outcome could have been much worse of course. But if this incident serves to reinforce the message that the community cannot be too cautious, it will have served a positive purpose. Not every physical threat is going to come from someone with a dark skin wearing Middle Eastern dress.


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