Has Israel Been Let Down by the Diaspora?

By DLeigh-Ellis
June 5, 2010

As you may or may not have noticed I have ceased my blogging on this website. This is primarily due to the lack of discourse that tends to follow my posts, the response more often than not being a litany of anti-intellectual wishful thinking. Coupled with a highly personal attack on my character from the infinitely petty Avraham Reiss and his misleading and cow-towing website, I feel that the platform for debate at JC blogs has been whittled away by those who shout the loudest. I thank you all for the contributions over the past few months and although I regret that I will no longer be able to contribute to this website I do not regret the fact that I will now have more time to engage in proper debates as opposed to tried and retried trawling over the same old themes of victimhood and anti-semitism.

I would like to leave you with this piece from the haaretz website.


'Pfeffer questions the role of diasporic jews in their support of Isreal, but not in the manner that diasporic support tends to be questioned. Pfeffer succintly makes the point that I have put to the closed ears on this forum several times.

In his breathtaking analysis of the decline of secular Zionism in America, "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment," which appeared in the New York Review of Books last month, Peter Beinart describes how the leaders of America's major Jewish organizations have succeeded in estranging an entire generation of young Jews from Israel "by defending virtually anything any Israeli government does." In doing so "they make themselves intellectual bodyguards for Israeli leaders who threaten the very liberal values they profess to admire."

Beinart persuasively explains how this has convinced many young Jews that they have noting in common with a country whose policies contradict so much of what they have been brought up to believe in. But there is another damaging aspect to this cheerleading. Every Israeli cabinet minister who is greeted by cheering audiences during visits abroad fails to see all those who, disgusted, prefer to stay at home.

They return to Israel convinced that at least the Jewish people are still behind us and that our opponents are simply anti-Semitic. Other voices, such as the new lobbies JStreet and JCall, are ostracized by the establishment instead of being treated as what they really are, authentic voices for many concerned Jews.

When the history of the Jewish people in the early 21st century is written, the conclusion will be unavoidable. In its hour of need Israel was let down by the Diaspora.'



Sat, 06/05/2010 - 14:55

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Here we go again!
More left-wing nonsense taking space on the Jewish Chronicles unmoderated web site.

You quote from Haaretz,(that well-know left of centre publication), and you seem to suport what the article quotes:-
"Other voices, such as the new lobbies JStreet and JCall, are ostracized by the establishment instead of being treated as what they really are, authentic voices for many concerned Jews".

These two groups you mention are NOT representative of any Jewish Community; they represent only themselves and are no more than a collective of left-wing, publicity seeking apologists and pseudo-acadamics, (and yes, with a Guardianesque, open-toed sandal wearing perspective), better suited to "Alice In Wonderland" than the real world. They are causing immense harm to Israels position in the media.
Thank goodness for organisations like AIPAC in the States and JINewsnet in the UK that are actively campaigning for Israel.
With so much anti-Israel pressure throughout the media it is encumbant upon true Jews in the diaspora to support the State of Israel in bad times as well as good times; what you and others like you seem to continually advocate is appeasement and agreement with our enemies. Why?
Nevertheless, I wish you well where ever you are off to blog to next.
- The Guardian I assume?


Sat, 06/05/2010 - 15:03

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Actually Jon, no matter how loud you shout those groups such as j street do represent a vast swathe of Jewish opionion. Ha'aretz may be left leaning but even the right wing Tory government you were so behind a month ago has come out against Israel following the flotilla raid, so I don't think you can continue to claim that anti-Israeli sentiment is solely a leftist obsession any longer.

I thank you for your response, you have proved exactly my point regarding the implicit lack of understanding demonstrated in most of your responses to my posts. I will not be blogging on any 'left-wing' news site as you so dearly would wish me to. If I do blog it will be on an independent blogging site (i'll be sure to let you know where in time, so don't worry about that.)

Btw, you still have not provided an acceptable defense for that ludicrous paper you published here a month or so ago, despite my criticisms of it. This is yet another example of how right leaning warhawks such as yourself will pick and choose evidence to your own advantage. Granted, Palestinian groups do the same but that does not excuse your behavior as you seem to think it does.

I have never once spoken of appeasement as you claim, but it is people like yourself who have alienated a huge number of young Jews with your pathetic and uncompromising views towards the conflict in the middle east. It may still take a few decades but it seems the tide has already shifted, jewish opinion will shift from the right back to the left, where it originally was and rightly deserves to be.

Blacklisted Dictator

Sat, 06/05/2010 - 16:12

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D Leigh Elllis,

I assume you meant "kowtowing".

Blacklisted Dictator

Sat, 06/05/2010 - 16:19

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D Leigh Ellis,

Where are you going to engage in "proper debates"? I assume that it will be on a site, that unlike The JC, censors posts and comments ? People like yourself, can only survive in a totalitarian envirionment.

Obcviously, you find the rough and tumble, of uncensored debate too much to handle.


Sat, 06/05/2010 - 17:48

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Yup I was playing with the word, I have a slightly weird sense of humour.

I don't know what you mean about my affinity for a totalitarian environment, although it's an ironic comment when voiced by somebody whose ego wishes himself to be referred to as the 'Blacklisted Dictator.'

Proper debates, although you might not understand it as such actually take place between individuals and groups, on a face to face basis... Not through the veil of a computer screen.


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