Hamas or Humus?

By Jon_i_Cohen
January 3, 2011

The Hamas/Humus Mix-Up: Ignorance at UCLA

StandWithUs, an international organization that seeks Middle East peace by challenging the widespread ignorance about the issues, has released the following video - highlighting the utter ignorance about Israel, Hamas and related matters in one of America's top universities.

In addition to not knowing what Hamas is, students mis-guessed how many Jewish states there are and the identity of the only Middle East democracy.

StandWithUs proves that advocacy for Israel is not dead, and that there remains much work to be done for those who are willing to get involved.

Through brochures, speakers, programs, conferences, missions to Israel, campaigns and Internet resources, StandWithUs strives to ensure that Israel's side of the story is told on university campuses and in communities, the media, libraries, and churches around the world. The nine-year-old organization has 12 offices and chapters around the world.



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