Group linked to New Israel Fund makes a Blood libel

By Yvetta
October 17, 2010

Blood Libel: NIF-Linked Group Blames Israel for Leukaemia in Gaza

by Gil Ronen
An international organization closely linked to the New Israel Fund (NIF) has blamed Israel for causing an increased incidence of leukaemia in Gaza, while claiming that Hamas suffers from unfair discrimination and has the right to “self defence." The organization also characterized Israel as “bleating” about anti-Semitism and accused its soldiers of "merrily" shooting innocents.
The organization is the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), a 95-year old pacifist group that has a United Nations office and national sections in 37 countries, including Israel and “Palestine.” The Israel section of WILPF is a member of the NIF-sponsored umbrella group Women's Coalition for Peace. It has condemned Israel's Cast Lead operation and the Gaza flotilla raid, while stopping short of openly praising Hamas. However, a perusal of statements by other WILPF committees and sections shows them lavishing compliments on the genocidal terror group and attacking Israel in an especially crude way.

Hamas 'good at keeping the peace'
In its 2010 “Statement on Palestine,” WILPF's Middle East Committee blames Cast Lead and the IDF closure of Gaza for terrible health problems: “Because of the war and the siege, Gaza has suffered health epidemics, including greatly increased birth defects and leukaemia,” it says. There is no reference to a study or any other source that backs up these claims.

In unabashed advocacy for Hamas, the report further states that “the U.S. unjustly calls Hamas 'terrorist' and thus requires the Palestinian Authority Police to arrest or otherwise persecute Hamas affiliates... Hamas is being badly discriminated against by the U.S. and Israel because of its religious beliefs.”
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