Greenstein lies and smears

By Jonathan Hoffman
June 3, 2010

Tony Greestein (a hard left Trotskyist anti-Zionist) has a libellous post about me on his blog. I asked him 9 hours ago to change it but he has not.

Greenstein heads his blog with an outright despicable lie: "Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation Defends Joint Demonstration with Fascists". The rest of the article is in the same vein.

Let's get this straight:

1. There may have been EDL members in the vicinity but to my knowledge there were none with the ZF in the area enclosed by barriers.

2. The idea that I would defend fascism is despicable. For example when David Irving came to the Oxford Union in 2006 I led the opposition. I also oppose fascism on the far Left and from Jihadis.

3. The BNP and EDL have known links. The ZF will have nothing to do with either organisation. At the same time we have free speech in the UK - unlike in Gaza - and as Greenstein knows full well, organisers of demonstrations have no control over who stands in the road.

As a Trotskyist, Greenstein clearly prefers to do things the Hamas way.

To say he is a reptile is unfair to reptiles



Thu, 06/03/2010 - 18:28

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Whilst Greenstein has a problem with fascists, perhaps he should look at his beloved trots and communists, who are responsible for almost 100 million deaths in the last century.

Of course he won't , because he is indoctrinated beyond all reason.


Thu, 06/03/2010 - 18:36

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"perhaps he should look at his beloved trots and communists,"

...and Islamofascists.

Jonathan Hoffman

Thu, 06/03/2010 - 19:13

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I have just posted on his despicable blog as folows:

As you know your article remains untruthful and your presumption that I must waste my time correcting the lies is pure theft.

It is headlined “Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation Defends Allowing Fascists to Take Part In …”

Nowhere have I done that.

G: “At no point and at no time did the Zionist Federation or Jonathan Hoffman issue a warning to the EDL that they were not welcome and would be prevented from taking part in the demonstration and if they did manage to slip in would be removed.”

That is wrong. The ZF issued a Press Notice and an email to all its supporters informing them that the EDL might be there and disassociating the ZF from the EDL and saying that they would be allocated their own area.

G: “Hoffman gave an interview to a woman reporter in which he openly defended demonstrating with the EDL as ‘there was no proof of any link with the BNP.’ “

That is wrong. I never said that. I said that there was crossover between the EDL and BNP and that therefore the EDL were not welcome. Either you have misquoted me or your “journalist” (?) friend has. Please provide the link to her publication so I can check.

G: “That would also explain his refusal to give support to the Harrow counter-demonstration against the EDL (they were using the building of a local mosque as the pretext for their presence there) unless Muslims agreed to support Israel!”

Another lie. I expressed pleasure that Jews had been at the Harrow Central Mosque to defend it from the EDL and expressed the hope that “the members of the Harrow Central Mosque will be there to help us at the next antisemitic Amnesty or BRICUP meeting.”

Nothing “conditional” about supporting the Harrow counter-demonstration.

I have a long and proud record opposing the BNP. Ask Weyman Bennett of UAF. Ask him about what I did in Oxford when the Union invited Nick Griffin. Ask him what I did in the London Mayoral elections in 2008. Then hang your head in shame. You will not apologise because only decent people admit their mistakes.

G: “Jonathan Hoffman refused to support opposition to the EDL in Harrow when asked.”

I do not remember being asked. And anyway I never do forced condemnations. But the idea that I would support an organisation that has BNP members is a figment of your twisted and sick imagination, Greenstein.

Greenstein – you have got it in for Israel, for me and for the ZF. It’s a free world, you are entitled to your bizarre behaviour.

But you are not entitled to lie about me, cyberstalk me and steal my time.


Fri, 06/04/2010 - 09:18

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Getting under Greenstein's skin is a badge of honour, Jonathan.


Fri, 06/04/2010 - 16:58

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Why don't you take Greenstick to court?
Get the ZF to fund it.
About time he was taken of the cyberwaves.


Wed, 06/30/2010 - 18:20

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Just read some of his blog, the man is truly a fruitcake.

Here's a funny passage about him from

"Tony Greenstein is a socialist based in Brighton who engages in a form of political masturbation"


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