Good try

By Jenni Frazer
December 13, 2010

I've been made aware of the latest try-on in the dark world of estate agents.
A friend of a friend (no, this is not an urban myth) was selling his flat. You know how it is: nearly all estate agents are equally irritating, and this man's experience was no exception.
Eventually, after several months of messing about - no-shows for appointments, the usual story - our hero was told of a different estate agent who could really do the business for him.
And she did. She produced people who actually came to view when they said they would, secured an offer, and, hooray, hooray, the flat was sold.
Except the story doesn't end there. Apparently a few days after the sale was processed, Lady Estate Agent approached the former owner of the flat and suggested, with no hint of embarrassment, that perhaps he would like to discuss her "success bonus."
What did she mean, he wondered? Had she not done what he had employed her to do? Er, that is, actually sold the flat? That, he said rather firmly, was her job. He was a client, she was asked to perform a task for money, she got paid. End of story.
It got me thinking: in what other walks of life (besides the ever-present banking industry) would people have the chutzpah to ask for a "success bonus"? (Answers on the back of a grubby envelope.)


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