Glad to be alive and kicking

By Danny Caro
September 4, 2008

The future of junior Jewish football has been in doubt for some time now. With the leagues in London, AJY and Maccabi Primary League, and Manchester struggling for numbers it appears that youngsters have fallen out of love with the game.

In my day, kids couldn’t get enough of football. I remember playing in Hendon Park until 10pm when our floodlights were the lamp-posts. It didn’t stop us from diving, shooting and yelling in a John Motson voice.

It’s hardly surprising that numbers are falling. That said, figures of those playing five-a-side have never been better. With PSP’s Wii’s and the pressures of modern day society, it appears that players of all ages are finding ‘better things to do with their time’.

I’ve been kicking a ball from the age of three and bar four years when I was unable to due to injuries picked up at the London Marathon, I’m glad to be alive and kicking and hope to help the next generation to do likewise.


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