Get us out of Afghanistan

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
July 12, 2009

Pinchas committed murder in his killing of an Israelite man called Zimri and a Midianite woman called Cozbi. One might think that his reasoning was that the act that this couple were performing was an attack against the nature and well-being of Pinchas’ society. This might be the only remotely acceptable explanation for his zealotry. But I reject the conclusions of Torah on this matter that reward Pinchas for his unilateral and destructive actions. I reject the majority of the Rabbis who felt the need to justify his actions. I reject the notion of a God of war that our ancient ancestors may have believed in. Let not any Rabbi justify the actions of a Pinchas in my name as a Jew. Just as I now believe, that I do not want any person in leadership of this country to justify the continuation of war in Afghanistan in my name as British citizen.

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