Gearing up for the new season

By Craig Silver
August 12, 2008

Is anyone else getting excited about the new football seasons about to begin in the Premier League and JC MSFL?

This year, as always, I will be interested to see how my Spurs will do. I have to say it's a very different-looking team which, to be quite honest, can only be a good thing for us.

What interests me most is how young the team is. I don't believe we will get close to competing with the top four for a Champions League place, but it will be interesting to see if this team can stay together. With the likes of Dos Santos and Modric, I think it will be very strong in midfield.

Not forgetting the £15 million signing of David Bentley, who is looking like the new fans' favourite, replacing Robbie Keane, which is very ironic considering how he started his career at Arsenal.

He has scored three goals in pre-season, and every time has run off to the fans to celebrate, constantly kissing his Spurs badge. So I wonder what reception he will receive at the Emirates?

Looking at new boys Hull, what a turnaround they've had. In 2001 they very nearly went out of business and out of the Football League. In the end relegation and bankruptcy were narrowly avoided with local businessmen paying the bills to keep the club afloat.

At the time, those benefactors presented the club with a bell, asking that it should not be rung until the club's first ever game in the top flight. They could hardly have envisaged that would happen just seven years later.

Looking at our own league, the JC MSFL, once again, it looks like it is shaping up well with a host of new teams.

Now to my predictions. I still firmly believe Neasden will again be the team to beat this year in the Premier. They have an outstanding team and with the addition of Lions striker Lee Bibring, I can only see them getting even better and tougher to beat.

I am also keeping my eye on Wingate and Finchley in the Ryman League, who I feel can make big strides in their division. They have added a new Jewish player - Mike Sacks and what a bonus he is after plying his trade at Manchester United. He looks like a powerhouse centre-back who will be tough for any attacker to come up against.


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