FZY yearcourse group raise money for Yemin Orde

By FZY Year Course
December 10, 2010

Last night FZY and Young Judaea took to the streets of Jerusalem to raise money for Yemin Orde, a youth village destroyed by the fire in the North of Israel. The Israeli public is horrified by the wildfire and we felt a sense of duty to contribute in whatever way possible. We’ve just began the Jerusalem semester of the Year Course programme and we are eager to get involved with charitable campaigns that fulfill FZY’s emphasis on the importance of tzedakah.

A group of us took the initiative to plan a fundraiser and we made a group inviting all chanichim to join us on Ben Yehuda Street to collect money. We had a great turn out and there was a lot of positive energy amongst the group as we sung, dressed up (thanks Zac and Rob Sciama!) and handed out home-made cakes in exchange for donations. Passersby were very responsive to our group of British/ American teenagers, all wearing the same shirts, singing and shouting ‘La’azor le’Carmel!’ Israelis know of the desperate situation and really appreciated our efforts, so it didn’t take too much convincing to get them to donate.

We moved our pitch to the Chanukah concert nearby where the lead singer of the Israeli band Shotei Hanevuah was playing. We worked our way through the crowds with Chanukah doughnuts and a bucket, and three FZYniks even went on stage to promote our cause. Many people knew of FZY/ Young Judaea and were happy to speak to us and find out what we are doing throughout the year. There was a strong sense of unity and generosity shared by the Israeli public and the volunteers last night and we’ve raised over 6000 shekalim, which is well over our initial aim of 3000 NIS.

Well done to all the volunteers who performed a mitzvah this Chanukah.
Chag Sameach.


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