Free Speech for Israel? Not at Queens University Belfast!

By Jonathan Hoffman
October 18, 2010

Above is the link to my blog about this University's outrageous rescinding of their invitation to Professor Geoffrey Alderman to speak tonight.

Professor Alderman is now sitting in the hotel in Belfast while the meeting proceeds at the University. He was unable to negotiate his presence on the Panel and unable to get the meeting cancelled in view of the disgusting violation of free speech.

Please protest now about this outrage to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Peter Gregson:

Executive PA: Mrs Fionnuala Newton - (0)28 9097 5134; Secretary Mrs Monica Salomeia (0)28 9097 3131



Anthony Posner

Mon, 10/18/2010 - 19:54

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Prof Alderman has been treated appallingly. Of course, it is not just his free speech which has been violated... so has the free speech of anybody who believes that free speech is worth protecting.

But this sort of censorship is par for the anti-Israel course. It is the reason why some of us blog.

zair (not verified)

Tue, 10/19/2010 - 15:13

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Good, he is an extremist nutjob in the guise of a 'respectable' acdemic

From his wikipeadia page:

he argued that according to Jewish religious law, every Palestinian in Gaza who voted for Hamas was a legitimate target. He articulated his position in a debate with Rabbi David J Goldberg in The Guardian's commentary section. [6] He argued that according to the Halakha "it is entirely legitimate to kill a rodef – that is to say, one who endangers the life of another – and this is true, incidentally, even if the rodef has not yet actually taken another life".


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