First they came for the computer hackers, then they came for US members...

By Melvyn Kohn
October 17, 2008

Who? The US - that large nation across the pond. It started with Moslems and some rather dodgy bankers, then the completely innocent, then computer hackers who made fun of lax security at the Pentagon, now it is on to US - that is, United Synagogue - member Farshid Gillardian.
What? The new extradition arrangements, which do not demand real evidence, or apparently, real crimes to be committed - certainly not in Messrs. Norris' or Gillardian's cases. The former was not a JC story, but the latter was last week's front page.
Just recently Gary McKinnon's appeal has been quashed, much to the delight of FBI agent Ed Gibson - not too distant relative of Mel the anti-Semite - and McKinnon's family is frantic. 70 years in an American jail and they will not be given visas to visit. Gibson is on record saying McKinnon would fry, and US troops have threatened him with rape.
Brings to mind that Protestant pastor who did nothing till they came for him. Are we to do nothing till they come for Farshid, and his mother wants to chain him and herself to a railing to stop this madness?


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