Finchley Jews give their views

By Mike Freer
April 19, 2010

So what news from the campaign trail? Well the community certainly expect their candidates to have a wide-ranging knowledge of Jewish issues, from attempts in Denmark to restrict circumcision by insisting a doctor has to be present, to EU rules trying to ban schecita under the guise of animal rights (my knowledge of schecita was sketchy to say the least until Rabbi Mirvis kindly brought me up to speed).

Residents quickly shift from ritual slaughter to why the recycling bins have a net on and not a fixed top. As a non-Jew every day knocking on doors is a learning experience to say the least!! Luckily my involvement in the community over many years has prepared me – well most of the time.

So we continue to oscillate from national issues (people like our schools policy allowing groups, parents etc to open up their own schools) to international ones (why did Labour going AWOL at the United Nations over the Goldstone report?) and back to parking (where I’m thinking of calling in the UN to sort out neighbours in the same street who want/don’t want parking controls!!).

So far I’m in awe at the community’s ability to multi-task. Whilst quizzing me - the mother and father continue their conversation on the mobile phone whilst loading the car with the rest of the family.

Speaking to so many families is exhilarating but after several hours of answering a wide range of questions it’s time to refuel. So the real question is Carmelli’s or Novellinos?

Mike Freer is the Conservative candidate for Finchley and Golders Green.

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Mon, 04/19/2010 - 14:31

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Where will the extra money to open up new schools come from? Will taxes have to be raised to pay for these new schools? Interesting how your article does not mention jobs and affordable housing in London when these are very important issues and come top of many people's list.


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