By Yehuda Erdman
December 18, 2010

Although I have been on Facebook for years, it was a fairly passive existence. Then I noticed that there were some marked changes and new developments. Some of my friends remarked that various campaigns were gaining momentum and much greater recognition by the general public by posting new sites on Facebook. Then i also became more aware that in Israel there was a much greater use of Facebook to enhance connectivity amongst young and even middle aged professionals with friends and colleagues. Another difference seemed to be, in my perception, that individuals did not necessarily confine themselves to just for example others of a similar political persuasion. I could see that Israelis are more open minded than us British people in accepting Facebook friends from a variety of backgrounds.
So I began to enthusiastically seek out Israelis on Facebook and as I can read Hebrew, communication is possible.
In just three weeks I have "met" some very interesting people there with fascinating lives, and in some cases there is a potential to learn from a two-way dialogue. So irrespective what people think of Facebook the movie (and I haven't seen it), the real article is going places.


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