Eyjaffjallajoekull: The word on everyone's lips (if it was a little easier to pronounce)

By DLeigh-Ellis
April 18, 2010

Remember a few weeks ago, when British Airways were shaking in fear at the prospect of immediate strike action. Remember the accusations they levelled at the union, that striking would cause permenant damage to BA finances... It's amazing how well they are now doing considering the Iceland volcano. Surely, if a few walkouts could potentially prompt the collapse of a national institution then they would be absolutely crippled by the prospect of the total grounding of their European flights.

Maybe i'm a cynic but it seems to me that BA may have been slightly overstating themselves in an effort to discredit the union.


On another avian-related note, I had a conversation the other day with somebody determined to convince me that climate change was certainly not a man-made issue. For this they cited the volcanic eruption in Iceland which they assured me was producing far more Co2 than 'humanity would in centuries.' Climate skeptics, or people with permanent earplugs as I have come to know them often spout 'science' in order to prove their case. This chart is for the benefit of any reading, (and the person whom I was talking to the other day.)


I'm not denying the potential other impacts of the Volcano, sulphur emmisions or damage to the ozone. All I will say that it has certainly been a nice few days for the skies, no noisy plane engines and in return some spectacular sunsets.... A treat that I can't imagine we will see again for decades. I feel a little sorry for my mum, stuck in the armpit of the world (LA,) but contrasted with a restored sense of respect for the power of nature, the eruption may be regarded as overall, an insight into the need for Europe to realise that quality of life it not always increased by racing around the world at breakneck speeds.


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