Exposing Israel's bluff on settlements

By iainlrabbak
January 27, 2010

This is how it works: construction in East Jerusalem isn't frozen, in fact it is boosted; construction already under way—that is, the foundations of which have already been laid—isn't frozen, including more than 3,000 apartments currently being built; construction of schools, synagogues and other public buildings isn't frozen (so they build boarding schools, where each student's bedroom will be quite large and equipped with a kitchen, a lounge, and one or two "auxiliary rooms"; and exceptions are granted under special conditions.
Basically, colony building continues unabated. No new permits will be granted, but there's no clause in the freeze stating that the construction rate in the buildings already under way can't be stepped up.
Netanyahu has called on the Palestinians to negotiate under outrageous conditions: 1) that they recognise the state religion of Israel (never in history has this been demanded of a party to a negotiation); 2) that they accept a state without an army; 3) that they accept Israeli control of all their borders, including that with Jordan; 4) that they accept wedges of settlements cutting deep into the West Bank, etc. What a tragic joke.
And come 10 months and a day, Netanyahu will declare, in faux exasperation, that he made a painful concession and got nothing from the Palestinians, and the megaphones and lobbyists will quote Golda Meir as to how they hate more than they love and they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. On that precise day, thousands of new permits will be asked for—and granted.
Shame this paper doesn't expose this.
Who are the Israelis trying to kid?



Wed, 01/27/2010 - 17:27

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The politics in Israel is an utter shamble - they need to sort it out for their own peace, those of their neighbors and for their relationship with the wider world.
Israel are in the driving seat with negotiating therefore they need to compromise a little and just let Palestine rule itself and be free - and likewise themselves.


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