Euston Manifesto

By Stephen Pollard
May 15, 2007

The Euston Manifesto, in case you haven't come across it before, was a statement signed last year by a group of sensible left wingers who believe, as their statement concluded:

It is vitally important for the future of progressive politics that people of liberal, egalitarian and internationalist outlook should now speak clearly. We must define ourselves against those for whom the entire progressive-democratic agenda has been subordinated to a blanket and simplistic "anti-imperialism" and/or hostility to the current US administration. The values and goals which properly make up that agenda — the values of democracy, human rights, the continuing battle against unjustified privilege and power, solidarity with peoples fighting against tyranny and oppression — are what most enduringly define the shape of any Left worth belonging to.

It has now grown into an organisation. In April they held an interesting seminar at the House of Commons on humanitarian intervention. You can watch it on this Youtube page. It's eight extracts, but as the press release puts it: "I realise it’s a long discussion, but no longer than a decent length documentary, and probably considerably more interesting than much on TV nowadays."

It's interesting, I think, that Labour ministers are happy to have public debates on this most critical issue. Yet - Michael Gove and a select band apart - there's a deafening silence from the Conservatives.


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