Europe's first OneVoice university chapter at Glasgow University

By Simon Friend
November 13, 2008

Europe's first OneVoice university chapter, at Glasgow University, was this week host to the start of a tour of British campuses by Ana Lipnik and Abeer Natsheh, Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders who are just two of the 1,800 OneVoice representatives worldwide.

Ms Natsheh, addressing over 250 people, spoke of the realities of living with the conflict, and how "absolutist agendas outside the Middle East are harmful and counter to what the majority of Israelis and Palestinians actually want". Alongside the two key speakers advocating a two-state solution was Charles Kennedy MP, who said he was "delighted with the organisation's progress". Anthony Silkoff, chair of the Glasgow chapter, said: "As students in the UK we have a choice; we can take sides and be part of the problem, or we can work together and contribute to the solution."


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