Ed Miliband

By NWJew
September 27, 2010

When it comes to the next general election the right-wing press will no doubt, in their typically subtle way, ensure the nation is fully aware that there is a very real danger that a Jew will be running the country should Labour win. What a pity that his level of engagement is non-existent. At least if a Jewboy is to be vilified it might as well be a Jewboy who is OK being a Jew.

Even if he were to be elected there'll be no benefit accruing to us. Not only is Labour at a disadvantage now they have made him their leader, so are we, because if anything, in order to prove his neutral credentials, he'll probably stand more firmly against Israel and issues facing anglo-Jewry, than any gentile would.

Anyone know what our boy Ed thinks about shechita?


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