Eastenders and that wedding; the unanswered question

By Simon Rocker
December 23, 2008

I am not an Eastenders’ regular but couldn’t help watching last Thursday’s Jewish wedding. Femme fatale Janine Butcher has returned, after an interlude, to the series, reinvented as Judith Bernstein, to marry an elderly Jewish widower (for his money, her family suspects).

The ceremony was clearly shown as Orthodox. But how did she become Jewish? She couldn’t have faked her kosher credentials otherwise the rabbinic authorities would have rumbled her before she even got to the chupah. So she must have undergone a conversion. But who was it who sent her to the mikveh? Will her conversion be universally valid? And will her children, if she has any, be allowed into JFS? I think we need to be told.



Sun, 01/11/2009 - 15:04

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In the film Cabaret the 'Rabbi' who marries them can't pronounce a word of Hebrew correctly. He must have been a non-Jewish member of the actors union. In Eastenders the Jewish part was accurate and quite convincing -- although I was surprised they didn't use one of the historic synagogues in the East End.


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