Dough drama

By Jennifer Lipman
August 25, 2010

After last week's Manhattan bagel broiges, here comes another carb-related kerfuffle.

In New York (where else) buying a sliced bagel will now set you back more dough than a closed one.

As the New York Post reports:

"The cash-strapped state has been enforcing a bizarre distinction in the tax laws which requires delis and food peddlers to impose a levy on sliced bagels -- even though there is no tax when the breakfast staple is sold whole."

They quoted one angry bagel-seller, Basil Colon from Daniel's Bagels:

"I don't think it's fair. Why would I put tax on a sliced bagel when you don't want nothing on it?."

No news yet on whether gefilte fish cost more with the carrot on top, or whether it will now be too pricey to eat chicken soup with kneidlach and lochshen. But I've heard that having smoked salmon with cream cheese is a dealbreaker.


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