Defender of the Faith

By Simon Rocker
October 15, 2010

You may be happy to hear that the Jewish Tribune, whose future a few weeks ago seemed parlous, is still around - and still biting.

Here is its veteran columnist Ben Yitzchok, in the latest issue, taking a potshot at the Chief Rabbi over his Rosh Hashanah broadcast:

"During the debate Lord Sacks was asked by one of the critics whether he could be certain of Hashem's existence," he wrote.

"This simple question should have been answered with an unequivocal YES: but unfortunately he blundered into a definition which is certainly not rooted in the Ani Maamin [I believe] of the Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith which is the only defintiive code of our Emunah [Faith] in the Ribono Shel Olam [Master of the Universe]."

The Chief Rabbi had been asked by Howard Jacobson in the programme if he could be sure that there was a God. Lord Sacks had responeded: "I believe faith isn't certainty. Faith is the courage to live with uncertainty. Judaism is a refusal to give way to despair. And that's why I stake my life that the call God gave us at the beginning of history was the call worth following."



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I wonder if it's time for another letter in Yiddish or rabbinic Hebrew, just to clear the air?


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