Corrie Trial in Haifa Brings MORE Inconsistencies

By judyinjerusalem
March 15, 2010

A news release from the Corrie family after yesterday's court session in Haifa notes testimony that Rachel Corrie "arrived dead at the hospital."

If she was already dead, why were doctors at the Arab An Najah Hospital "treating" her ?

[Go to to see the photos of Corrie being treated at the hospital]

As I have reported before, ISM Media Coordinator in 2003, Michael Shaik stated definitively both to me and in other media:" An ambulance rushed her to A-Najar hospital where she died."

So--let's get this straight. Your daughter repeatedly kneels in front of an Israeli military bulldozer on a demolition mission; she gets injured and taken to an Arab hospital where doctors testify that she's dead but make a show of treating her anyway and have a propaganda field day with their new martyr. So, whom do you sue? Why, the Israelis--of course!



Mon, 03/15/2010 - 13:55

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So let's get this straight. Who was driving the bulldoser that crushed Rachel Corrie to death?

An Israeli.


Mon, 03/15/2010 - 23:21

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Judy, spell it out for me, what exactly are you claiming here? Your on dodgy territory by what your implying


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