Compare and contrast

By Miriam Shaviv
January 31, 2010

Bill Clinton to Shimon Peres, last Thursday evening:

"Shimon, I don't know what we would have done without
the Israeli hospital at Haiti... The Israeli hospital was the only operational facility which was able to perform surgery and advanced tests.

"In the name of the aid workers that operated in Haiti, in the name of the people who live there, and on a personal level I want to thank, we all want to thank, Israel from the bottom of our hearts."

President Barack Obama, January 15:

"At the airport, help continues to flow in, not just from the United States but from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, among others."

Not that I'm suggesting Obama needs to be thanking Israel, let alone from the bottom of his heart, but an interesting comparison nonetheless.



Mon, 02/01/2010 - 13:05

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Barak "Hussein" Obama
Where do we think his (subliminal), loyalties are?

The voting populace in the USA are starting to realise the catastrophic mistake made in electing Obama, cite the Massachusetts election, first time a Republican Senator elected, and in Democratic Kennedy Country - speaks volumes!!


Mon, 02/01/2010 - 22:01

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Oh Jon Cohen,
I am sorry that is such a sad posting where you imply that just because Obama's middle name is Hussein there is something bad about him.
Do you know any Muslims? Do you have any Palestinian friends?


Sat, 02/06/2010 - 17:57

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Just seen this.
Come on tomeisner2!
Why? and What! to your questions
"Some of my best friends are Terrorists/Palestinians!!"
Is that your approach?
I meet a lot of Muslims from the moderately educated to the hightly educated - without exception every single one has a tacit acceptance of the teachings of the Koran.
The Koran calls for the destruction of the Jewish people and yes I have read it - every single wortd that has been transalated into English!


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