Civilian casualties

By Stephen Pollard
December 28, 2008

Understandably, much of the hostile comment has been directed at the civilian deaths.

Now is clearly not a time when we can speak speak about casualties with any firm facts, but a few points need to be remembered.

First - and this is no more than an observation - it does seem that a high proportion of the bodies being shown on television footage are wearing uniforms of some kind. And what, in any case, is a civilian? Is someone who stores rocket launchers or ammunition a civilian? Not in my book. If you aid terrorists, then you too are a terrorist and have to suffer the consequences of your behaviour.

It's all very well to blame Israel for civilian deaths, but Israeli military strategy is focused to the nth degree on avoiding civilian casualties (despite the lies put about by anti-Israel propagandists). And when the IDF does kill a civilian, there are exhaustive enquiries and, when appropriate, criminal charges. The very last thing the Israelis want is civilian casualties. 

But there is a classic problem here: the terrorists operate, quite deliberately, in areas with civilians, so if Israel is ever to take action then, even with the most precision strikes possible, there are  almost bound to be genuine civilians caught in the middle.

How striking rhe contrast,  when civilian casualties - deaths - are very purpose of the Hamas rocket launches across into Israel. 

And remember also where the real responsibility lies: with Hamas, for sanctioning the rocket strikes which have necessitated the Israeli action.  



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