Channel4's The Promise: I Know Jews had it worse than this. Please read.

By stellasolomons
February 8, 2011

Have a working knowledge of the technique of the genre used - docudrama - obviously a mix of documentary and drama, and herein lies the rub, as the two genres let each other down somehow, in this case, sacrficing fact for a family-acceptable TV series. 2011.

I remember reading, trying, as an eight year old, to read the book called the Scourge Of The Swastika, by Lord Russell Of Liverpool (linked at this posting's end) which was a serious hardback for a kid.

The illustrations, black and white photos, were awful, showing us used for kicks in innovative sadistic ways. Much we know, but I've met non-Jews, just in a social setting twenty years ago now, who had a better understanding of concentration camp times than this series gives, telling me (not the other way round!) of the binding of mums-to-be to stop things.

These victims are peoples' relatives and this blog is for them, our ancestors. The docudrama might offer something to the UK Military, as a sketchy narrative, but it definitely short-changes us.

Compare the series with Roots, hard-hitting and well-researched - notably attracting no complaints from the Black community - about the horrors meted out to Afros as slaves to see what I mean.

The description of Lord Russell's work says it's a "short history" making Channel4's research little more than a jotted note - the first reader's review (click the 'User reviews' near the top of the link and go on to click 'read full review') is quite a good precis all by itself - so where was Channel4 looking for information for this account of the Promised Land?


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