Candice - a name fit for a chav

By Candice Krieger
January 27, 2009

I am scarred for I have officially been labeled a chav.

A UK-based holiday company that is offering a “chav-free” vacation, has released a list of names that is says customers are “unlikely” to encounter on their trip and Candice (my name) is on the list - be it below Britney, Dazza and Chardonnay mind.

Alistair McLean, the founder of Activities Abroad, emailed 24,000 of its customers with the list, headed Chav Free Activity Holidays, reports the Daily Mail. Unsurprisingly, he has received a number of complaints from the offended defending their names.

And so, flattered as I am to make the cut Mr McLean (Kevin wasn’t it?) I would like to point out that I was in fact not named after the 16-year-old pregnant one featured on last week’s Jeremy Kyle show, but the actress Candice Bergen. You know the one Kev? The Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning American actress and former fashion model.    

I can just see Activities Abroad turning her away at the door.

To all of you who feel wronged – all the Tallulahs, Biancas, Chantelles and Kylie-Liannes among you, let us boycott Activities Abroad and pick another holiday destination: St Tropez, the Hamptons, Monaco - you name it.


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