Business is bleak but how about this weather

By Candice Krieger
January 6, 2009

As Britons returned to work for the New Year yesterday, surprisingly it wasn’t the recession that was at the front of people’s minds. It was the weather. Commuters braved snow, black ice and sub-zero temperatures to get back to business, albeit reluctantly. But hey, it makes a refreshing change from recession-speak.

Travelling on the tube over the past two days, talk has been more about keeping warm than keeping jobs. Oh, and the six per cent hike in public transport fares.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the cold and my purchases this morning - a windproof fleece hat (cosy), padded snow gloves (suitable for skiing) and three pairs of cotton-rich socks from Marks & Spencer (although a bargain at 98 pence) - probably didn’t help the bank balance.

But, I am ready to brave the arctic, well the conditions at least, which are set to continue for the next few days.

Besides, couldn’t the cold circumstances stir up a surge in hot new business ideas to help kick-start the economy? Office vest control, heated keyboards, mobile saunas, mouse mittens, desk duvets and City soup stands? Just a thought.


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