Brown's dilemma

By Stephen Pollard
June 19, 2007

I have a piece in today's Wall Street Journal Europe about Gordon Brown's dilemma over the outcome of this week's EU Summit:

Politics, a long-deceased British statesman once said, is the art of the possible. For Gordon Brown, who takes over as the U.K.'s prime minister on June 27, politics is going to be the art of the impossible.

Imminently, Mr. Brown will be faced with an intractable dilemma. Call it a treaty, call it a constitution, call it a series of amendments to existing treaties, but something is going to emerge from this week's European Union summit. And how Mr. Brown reacts to that document will decide his political future. But whatever he does will be the wrong decision.

...There are only two choices open to him. Either will be disastrous.

I think the link is subscription only, but this it it.


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