Brown, Cameron, Marr and drugs

By Stephen Pollard
September 29, 2009

It's mildly amusing watching the media toffs express their sanctimonious outrage over the 'Marr Question' (for those of you out of the loop, Andrew Marr asked the PM on Sunday if he took pain killers).

Marr was quite right to ask the question. The rumour has been doing the rounds for weeks, and - I'm only partly joking here - the PM should be grateful to Andy Marr for giving him the chance to kill it. Brown answered 'no', which is a categorical denial. Brown might happily lie over public spending, but I think we have to take his word at face value and accept that the rumour is untrue. 

But it's the hypocrisy which gets me. The self-same paragons of media virtue who are up in arms now were keen to press David Cameron over his own, rather different, alleged drug use.

So answer me this: if it's legitimate to ask the Leader of the Opposition about rumours of his supposed drug habit (and it is), why is it wrong to ask the PM?


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