Broiges with Barnet council

By Danny Caro
March 27, 2009

Barnet council have a lot to answer for after a second Jewish-owned shop was forced to close due to the ongoing road repairs along Station Road in Edgware.

First, Completely Kids, the clothes store, pulled down the curtain as the shop-front was impossible to see with the ugly roadside barriers and machinery turning the street into a real eye-sore.

After pressure from the owner’s partner, the site foreman agreed to lower the height of the barriers but it was not enough as business dried up.

And now, Sababa, an Israel shwarma house, has fallen victim for the same reason. I enjoyed a plethora of mouth-watering takeaways from there and had my last birthday celebration in what had rapidly become my favourite local eaterie.

The roadworks have also caused chaos with parking in the area and the noise, fumes and disturbance cannot be tolerated any longer.


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