British Muslims for Israel

By mattpryor
November 10, 2010

A great initiative worthy of greater publicity in my opinion.

Here at BMFI, we do not believe the Arab-Israeli conflict is a war over land or religion, but it is a clash of ideas. Israel, as a Western liberal democracy, extends equal rights to all of its citizens, regardless of religion or race. Muslims have more rights in Israel than in any other country in the Middle East.

While Egypt guns down Sudanese refugees fleeing the murderous oppression of their government, Israel gives them home and shelter; while Lebanon denies Palestinian refugees access to healthcare, Israel provides emergency treatment for the residents of the West Bank and Gaza strip; while Syria keeps the Palestinians in refugee camps and sporadically slaughters them, Israel offered full citizenship to all its Palestinians after the Arab states attempted to destroy Israel and slaughter its Holocaust survivors in 1948.

Israel undoubtedly has made some bad choices, but what other country in the region holds enquiries to censure itself? BMFI is not solely for Zionists, but it is for all those British Muslims who recognise Israel’s right to exist and believe that a peaceful solution must be achieved.

Groups such as the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, Viva Palestina, Stop the War do NOT speak for us

These groups have shown a support for Hamas, an organisation which oppresses the Palestinian people in Gaza, and whose charter calls for the murder of Jews and the promulgation of Islamist ideology - an idea that would extirpate any hope for the liberty, democracy and individual freedom that is required for peace and prosperity.

This video from a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign event is evidence of the disgusting racism that is exhibited by some of its members:



Wed, 11/10/2010 - 16:45

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The video is definitely worth watching. Here is the link again:

But of course, anti-Zionism has NOTHING to do with anti-Semitism, and how dare you suggest such a thing.

Avraham Reiss

Wed, 11/10/2010 - 16:52

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I can't help wondering if British Muslims who support Israel hold their AGMs in a volkswagen or a phone-box?

More seriously, from the Arab nation that numbers some 100 million, there must be quite a few who 'see the light'.

Well worth encouraging!


Wed, 11/10/2010 - 17:12

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The Arab-Israel conflict is a hugely controversial and divisive topic that usually ignites fierce arguments here in the UK, even among non-Muslims. You probably remember the old saying about never discussing religion or politics in pubs, and it is a subject that encompasses both. For this reason people have traditionally kept their opinions on the subject "between themselves and the ballot box" as it were, for reasons of politeness and common decency.

I have no doubt that there are many Muslims who see Israel as the best hope for a stable and secure Middle East for all faiths, but given the circumstances I don't expect they'd go around advertising the fact.

Hell, I'm scared to go to an Ahava demo in case I get on some nutter's sh*t list. Just posting here leaves me feeling nervous about my personal safety. I can only imagine how much worse it must be for a Muslim with all the additional pressures.

I am inclined to believe that anyone of fair mind who listens to both sides of the argument without prejudice can see that Israel is being unfairly demonised while their enemies' actions are whitewashed, and I'm sure that must apply to Muslims as well.

Avraham Reiss

Wed, 11/10/2010 - 18:43

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Living in Israel as I do, I come into contact with Arabs (1) when I was in the army reserves during the 1st Intifada, and (2) nowadays I take taxis occasionally, and some of the drivers are Arab (I live in Jerusalem) and I engage them in conversation now as I did when I could in the army.

My general impression is that the averge Arab who lives in Israel just wants to get on with his life and shuns violence.

I also get the impression that we could live with them easily side by side.

But the proposed two-state solution is a recipe for creation of a new terrorist-based Hamstan, which will lead to another Cast Lead. Just today the Jerusalem Post quotes the IDF's Chief of Staff as saying that in the next conflagration we will have to evacuate towns and cities.

And that jerk in the White House - who speaks superb English but uses it to talk complete nonsense - is just expediting the situation.


Wed, 11/10/2010 - 19:18

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Avraham: I think your fears are well founded and the current anti-Israel administration in the US is doing very little to assuage those fears.

I don't know what will happen, but I get the feeling that a State born of mutual cooperation and goodwill will be far more likely to succeed than one born out of rejectionism and belligerence - which is the path the PLO is currently taking. I have my own opinions about the so-called "two state solution" but I don't think they are relevant or helpful given the delicacy of the situation.

More bloodshed is the worst outcome and that is what I fear will happen if the West Bank is allowed to be overrun by extremists as Gaza was. I also suspect that Western politicians will not have the guts or the common sense to understand (or explain) their own responsibility for such an outcome and will instead hold Israel to account.


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