Bristol J-Soc's campus-wide variety show

By Simon Friend
November 21, 2008

What began as a small fundraising event run exclusively for Bristol J-Soc turned into a campus-wide variety show attended by more than 300 students.

Spotlight Darfur, with the help of the student branch of the Aegis Trust - Britain's leading NGO campaigning against genocide - became the society's most successful function.

A range of performing arts' societies attached themselves to the event, which showcased acts such as cabaret and pantomime, live jazz and improvised comedy.

Organiser, Yoav Sarbey, said: "All the seats were filled and we managed to create good relations with the union, who were willing to give the society a large discount to hire its main bar for the night."

Money raised was split between the national charity Fund4Darfur and Refugee Action, a local foundation supporting refugees and asylum seekers, some of whom were present.


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