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By DaddyDay
December 7, 2009

Just over a year to do the day of her release from Great Ormond Street, following a minor operation at the age of 2 weeks old, my daughter has been struck down with Swine Flu!

Having been blessed with two children who slept through the night at 8 and 13 weeks respectively, we've not suffered too much with sleep deprivation. However, being woken up three times during the night by a very poorly 13-month-old was a shock to the system! With a temperature of 39.8 degrees, the only thing to do was call NHS Direct and look at the pandemic flu website, which, between them, confirmed that Michal has Swine Flu!

A visit to the local chemist to get Tamiflu ensued, bizarrely being presented with 10 capsules of the medicine. Each capsule has to be broken, with the powder being mixed with a teaspoon of food, before hopefully being digested by the young patient. While the first dose went ok this morning, the evening one was rather more difficult, as a result of Michal pretty much refusing to eat anything for most of the day!

The advice and guidance online indicates that the flu should last no more than 5 days in young please G-d we can enjoy a healthy and happy Chanukah celebration starting this Shabbat.



Wed, 12/09/2009 - 23:16

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I wish Michal better, an upset child is a terrifying thing for a parent to go through....

I wish you and the family a fantastic Chanukah :)


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