Bring back the good old days

By Danny Caro
July 24, 2008

Is football’s bubble about to burst? Euro 2008 was a roaring success, even without England I should add. But the silly season is well and truly under way with talk of Ronaldo’s proposed transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid running on and on.

I hate such scenarios where the papers have a series of tit-for-tat headlines but believe that agents are partly responsible. Surely there must be something else to write about.

As a lifelong Liverpool fan, it annoys me to see Gareth Barry-gate and the Robbie Keane story getting daily coverage. Until the recent controversy with the Reds’ American owners, the Anfield club prided itself on keeping such matters private and confidential, but now it appears that nothing is secret.

Bring back the days when players celebrated a goal with a gentlemanly handshake.


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