Blow me...finally someone works out how to market Israel

By Marcus Dysch
February 23, 2010
This could possibly be the best marketing effort on Israel's behalf in a generation.

The Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy has realised that sex sells and jumped right in, promoting Israel to students at Canadian universities.

Bloggers are already spitting about "bad taste" and "inappropriate material" in both the advertising video and the accompanying website.

Give me a break. Given the hammering Israel gets in the media you would think supporters would back any attempt to promote a youthful, fun, sexy image of the Jewish state.

All too often I come across people who have never visited Israel and think the entire country is one big warzone. They are, frankly, too scared to visit and have no idea of the fun and games to be found in Tel Aviv's nightclubs or on Eilat's beaches.

Everyone remembers the Australia advert with a girl in a bikini asking the Poms "where the bloody hell are you?" It was hugely successful in encouraging people to go Down Under.

Hopefully this campaign will make people look at Israel in a different light.


moshetzarfati2 (not verified)

Tue, 02/23/2010 - 12:59

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How many double entendres did you intend in this blogpost?


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