Birmingham students vote to accept EUMC Definition of Antisemitism

By Jonathan Hoffman
May 5, 2010

The following motion was passed yestersday, well done to those who achieved it both on the campus and in UJS:
("Guild" is the students union). Let's hope Tamimi and other extremists who regularly transgress the Definition are now 'no-platformed' there.

Guild Council Notes:

1. The last year has seen an unprecedented increase in sntisemitic attacks on Jewish students on campuses all over the UK
2. The EU Monitoring Committee working definition on Antisemitism has been created and agreed upon by all member states of the European Union as the right way to identify Antisemitism
3. At the last National Conference, the National Union of Students by a majority vote decided to renew the EUMC definition in their constitution
4. The decision to renew this was supported by all seven NUS delegates as voted for by the students of the University (which include the President, VPHC, VPSAD, VPDR)

Guild Council Believes:

1. That all students have the right to study, socialise and live free from racism, fear and intimidation
2. That the working definition of Antisemitism sets the boundaries of what constitutes Antisemitism whilst still allowing for criticism of Israel

Guild Council Resolves:

1. To put the Guild of Students on the front line in tackling Antisemitism and all other forms of racism.
2. To encourage the Vice-President of Welfare, ARAF officer and the Jewish Society to work with other societies to raise awareness about Antisemitism and the different forms it takes
3. To encourage all societies to be sensitive to the welfare of all students when inviting speakers to campus, and to do their best to ensure that speakers invited do not have a history of racist, including anti-semitic in line with the EUMC definition, or inciteful language.

Guild Council Mandates:

1) The President of the Guild of Students to continue to work on good campus relations and promoting free speech

2) The Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism Officer to raise awareness of the different forms of antisemitism (in line with EUMC) and all other forms of rascism

3) The VP Student activities and development to look into the creation of an interfaith committee which would be charged with interfaith activities and campaigns.


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