Big Brother - Middle East style

By Marcus Dysch
June 11, 2010

According to reports in today’s newspapers, a special version of Big Brother is to be broadcast in France.

Twelve 18-year-old Israelis and Palestinians will be shut in a house in Marseille for three weeks during August…and will be asked to agree on a solution to the conflict.

The producer of the show, Mohamed Ulad, said the project would use a “popular format” to cover a “serious subject”.

Hmm, I can see how this might turn out...

“This is Big Brother, will Shimon please stop building in the east side of the garden?”

“This is Big Brother, will Yassir stop throwing rocks over the wall?”

“This is Big Brother, will Binyamin and Abu come to the diary room together, at the same time, without any prior demands?”

“This is Big Brother, will Mahmoud return the black market Snickers and washing machine to the tunnel he took it from?”

“This is Big Brother, will Yoav come out of the swimming pool and return the scuba equipment to the store room. You are not in Shayetet 13.”

...It’ll never work.


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