Better off Home

By Stephen Pollard
May 10, 2007

It's typical. You wait ten years for an event like today and what happens? You get stuck in Brussels. Would you like to know how much coverage there's been here in the 'capital' of the EU. Nada. Zilch. I've zapped my remote through every non-English TV channel to find any mention of Blair's departure and haven't found even a whisper.

So this morning I asked a few people at the event I was at - Commission types, MEPs, that sort - what they thought about today. And they were, without exception, uninterested.

So what, seemed to be the general view. He's been impotent for years anyway.
It's always interesting to get a foreign impression of domestic events. Usually I like having a slightly different take. But today I just want to be at home, submerged in the wall-to-wall coverage.

So I've jumped on the Eurostar and am typing this on the train. I've set my SkyPlus remotely to record Sky News. Isn't modern technology grand?!


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